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Finding Thankfulness

Seeing the good in life isn't always easy. Negativity creeps in when you are experiencing strong emotions like jealousy, rejection and inadequacy.  Unfortunately, focusing the negatives only makes you feel worse, and before you know it you can't see anything clearly.  

See if you have suffered through any of these situations:

My mom won’t let me stay out as late as my friends.

You may be irritated but deep down, you know she's probably got a good reason for her rules.  Be thankful you have a mom who cares about you.

I'm the only kid in my class without 1) the latest cell phone, 2) name brand clothes/shoes, 3) my own car, etc.

You may not have all the items that you want, but you probably have a roof over your head, enough food, and people who care about you.  Don't stress on the things you don't have; be thankful for the things you do have.

My friend is mad at me.

Any great friendship is likely to weather through some rough patches.  Figure out what you can do to fix things between you and your friend, and try not to dwell on the hurt feelings.  Be thankful for the friendships you have.

Dad’s always telling me what to do.

That’s what parents do: they make sure you follow rules and do your chores. If you don’t learn to work now, you’re going to face a tough future. Be thankful for those skills you learn at home, and the expectations that your parents have for you.

I like a boy/girl who doesn’t like me back.

Admitting your feelings took courage. It feels miserable now, but you were brave enough to find out how he/she felt. Challenging relationships will boost your self-esteem and teach you how to communicate and manage tough situations. Be thankful for those hard-learned lessons.

Focusing on thankfulness throughout your day will boost your mood. Being grateful will help you feel better about yourself, your life, your family and your situations. Be thankful for your life in general and always stay hopeful!

It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.

-Author Unknown


You don't have to face your problems alone!

Counselors are standing by.

Ways to Get Help