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Overwhelmed By My Family's Past1497Overwhelmed By My Family's PastFamily
Met A Guy While In Treatment1496Met A Guy While In TreatmentRelationships
I Want This To End1498I Want This To EndSuicide
Am I Gaslighting?1495Am I Gaslighting?Relationships
I Fought With My Parents1491I Fought With My ParentsFamily
How Do I Get Over Someone I Like?1490How Do I Get Over Someone I Like?Relationships
My Relationship With My Parents1492My Relationship With My ParentsFamily
I Think I Have Depression1493I Think I Have DepressionFeelings
Lost Without Dance1494Lost Without DanceFeelings
My Family Calls Me Names1489My Family Calls Me NamesFamily
My Mom Is A Police Officer1488My Mom Is A Police OfficerFamily
How Do I Tell My Dad That I Want My Life To End?1485How Do I Tell My Dad That I Want My Life To End?Suicide
He Wants To Be Friends1486He Wants To Be FriendsRelationships
I Feel Lost1487I Feel LostFeelings
Anxious About My New Job1482Anxious About My New JobFeelings
I Have Been Missing My Dad1483I Have Been Missing My DadFeelings
I Lose My Temper In Seconds1484I Lose My Temper In SecondsFeelings
Losing A Loved One1480Losing A Loved OneFeelings
Disappointed In The End Of The School Year1479Disappointed In The End Of The School YearSchool
I Don't Have A Lot Of Friends1476I Don't Have A Lot Of FriendsRelationships
Messed Up My Grade1478Messed Up My GradeSchool
My Parents Don't Like Him1481My Parents Don't Like HimRelationships
The Pandemic Is Making Me Anxious1477The Pandemic Is Making Me AnxiousCOVID-19
Why Is It So Hard Not To Cut Again?1472Why Is It So Hard Not To Cut Again?Addiction