How Do You Ask A Girl Out?RelationshipsHow Do You Ask A Girl Out?<div class="ExternalClass5733CF518472402C8462D56D2DCF851B"><p>​How do you ask a girl that you like out? <br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassC288C1A5E8A94967A377F516E0807E95"><p>​This girl may be more likely to go out with you if you begin by asking her to attend a public event or activity where other people will be involved. It would ease any concerns she may have about what to talk about or what to wear or how to act. </p><p>If you know of an activity that is scheduled, perhaps ask her if she is planning to go. Depending on what she says, you could ask if she would like to go with you. Don't be discouraged if she declines and says she is going with friends. Let her know that maybe she will see you there.<br></p><p>If you like her, you must know something about her and what she enjoys and is interested in. Look for activities that you know she would enjoy and invite her to attend with you. When you begin to date like this, you want her to not only enjoy your time together, but to feel safe also.</p><p>Good luck.<br></p><p>Pat, Crisis Counselor<br></p></div>16

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