How Do I Ignore The Bad Voices In My Head?FeelingsHow Do I Ignore The Bad Voices In My Head?<div class="ExternalClass21BC7E264A784E21B766DCA5BF5E00B6"><p>​<span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">How do I ignore the bad voices in my head that say things like ugly, fat, retarded, geek, and other stronger things like you should have committed suicide?</span><br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass6D80F0F6FA854FAF9470CB56B99FF80E"><p>​It's great that you reached out for support with how you've been feeling. Sounds like you've had a lot of self-doubt pressure that's gotten to an overwhelming point to where you've had thoughts of suicide. If these voices become too loud or too convincing to the point where you feel unsafe, call us 1-800-448-3000 or talk with a trusted right away. You deserve to get the help and support you need to help you through night to stay safe.</p><p>Hearing negative voices can be a challenge to work through. There can be a lot of pressure and stress in your lives that can bring these thoughts on. Having to deal with the voices daily can start to affect how you take care and uplift yourself. It's important to go back and look at how we've been taking care of yourself. Do you have a healthy routine for sleep, eating, down time and activities? Are you trying different ways healthy ways of coping? The positive energy that you gain from your coping skills has the capability to flood out those negative thoughts. Take the first steps to working through this all: <a href="/Pages/tip-9-steps-to-taking-care-of-yourself.aspx">9 Steps to Taking Care of Yourself</a>. Not only does it break things down, it contains links to other tips to try to help yourself. </p><p>We encourage you to reach out to loved ones and friends. Support is an important step in getting through a rough time. It's not always easy being honest with our thoughts so have patience with yourself also know at the end of the day you deserve support. You can get through this over time. Hope you have a chance to give our hotline a call or to jump on text to chat with a crisis counselor tonight. Know we're always here for you. Hope you can make a promise to yourself to stay safe and to reach back out before trying anything in the future. <br></p><p>Your Life Your Voice counselors are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our toll free number is 1-800-448-3000. You can also text with one of our counselors by texting <strong>VOICE</strong> to <strong>20121</strong>.</p><p>We look forward to hearing back from you.<br></p><p>Sincerely, <br></p><p>Mary, Crisis Counselor<br></p><p><br></p></div>20

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