I Only See The NegativeFeelingsI Only See The Negative<div class="ExternalClassE42F4999758348019757C54C3D0D7192"><p>​<span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">I’m depressed. I’m so depressed that I cannot even see like the good that could happen, just the negative. I have always been a pessimist, but I mean it’s not as bad as this. Lately I have just felt like things never work out, and it’s like I don’t wanna see the positive because then if things don’t happen, there I am again...crushed. I have been so tired lately to the point where it’s messing up my job which I love.</span><br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassAD5CA62BE5F84358A279F721D2C7FE3B"><p>​We're so glad you reached out to us tonight. Depression is such a heavy emotion to deal with that a lot of times you need help carrying it. Talking to others about what you're feeling can sometimes be helpful.</p><p>It sounds like you're going through a trying time in your life. A lot of people struggle with depression and find themselves in these down phases, like you've described. It can be frustrating when it starts affecting other parts of your life. Like you mentioned, work. <br></p><p>Many others who struggle with depression find that seeing a professional is helpful. Have you looked into seeing a counselor or therapist? Other things you could try could be journaling. You mentioned it's hard for you to see the positive right now, maybe you could try to write down some of your blessings or one good thing each day. Start small, but make yourself think of 1-2 reasons each day. Having a way to try and get those positive thoughts flowing could increase them throughout the day! <br></p><p>It takes a strong person to be able to recognize the feelings you described, and to be willing to reach out to talk to someone like you did. We're always here to email, or you can call us as well (1-800-448-3000). Keep being aware and feeling those feelings and reaching out to talk. <em>You are brave!</em> </p><p>Stay safe, <br></p><p>​Whitney, Counselor<br></p></div>20

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