Disappointed In The End Of The School YearSchoolDisappointed In The End Of The School Year<div class="ExternalClassA4FC9AAC4E7246D0BFABD271E9FC1D9F"><p>​<span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">Hi I’m disappointed in the end of the school year, Today, in school I had someone I knew from a previous class, stop and talk to me in the hall. I am disappointed that I most likely won’t see them again. I no longer see people from my past.</span><br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass10B0CFBF56514C2C834412854E3C1DD6"><p>​It's great that you are reaching out to talk about how you've been feeling. We can certainly understand your feelings of disappointment. When summer approaches, we miss out on the socializing that keeps many people afloat. Especially right now with ongoing safety measures because of the pandemic, people seem so much further apart. So, it's okay to feel that disappointment and experience that loss. Take care of yourself during this time of uneasiness.  </p><p>Loneliness is an issue that a lot of people deal with, especially now since we are all trying to self-distance, some are quarantined, and summer break is beginning. Can you tell us a little more about your plans for this summer? Will you be working or taking extra classes? </p><p>Taking care of yourself is so important during these times. Here are some ideas to get you started: </p><p><strong>Practice self-kindness</strong>. Stop talking negatively to yourself. Be kind to your mind and body. Take showers, baths, keep your hygiene good. Get some exercise if you can, eat healthy and just love yourself. Self- talk is important. Even when  you don't feel like being kind to yourself, do it: <a href="/Pages/tip-101-positive-things-to-say-to-myself.aspx?Topic=Self%20Esteem">101 Positive Things To Say To Yourself</a>. </p><p><strong>Be present and capitalize those moments</strong>. Share the good moments with others, not necessarily just on social media. Call someone and share that news. Create small moments of connection with people by making those phone calls. Make it a point to stay in contact with the people who were important to you.  </p><p><strong>Don't let technology be your only connection during the summer</strong>. Right now, your phone is a great way to keep connections and many times the only way. But when times get better, you need to have that facial contact with people. Look someone in the eye and say hello then listen with all of your attention. It is so powerful. Be safe, follow your city's guidelines, but get out of your home this summer as much as possible. </p><p>We hope you have found this helpful and will give it a try for a few weeks. We are here for you every step of the way. Call us to check in if you'd like. Our counselors are kind and will help you work through this.</p><p>Take care,<br></p><p>Naina, counselor<br></p></div>21

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