How Do I Deal With My Mother?FamilyHow Do I Deal With My Mother?<div class="ExternalClassFFDA5B1AC90B4D9B9509BA546106E2CA"><p>​<span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">I need help on my relationship with my family. I need emotional help with how to deal with my mother.</span><br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassB54B38CFAA5745C98F5EB3FC9E297512"><p>​It's great that you are reaching out for help regarding issues within your family. It seems that maybe you and your mother aren't seeing things eye to eye right now.<br></p><p>Relationship conflicts can get overwhelming and hard to manage very quickly. Many times, there are a lot of different emotions wrapped up even in just one conversation. It's common for things to get overwhelming when it's difficult to communicate or compromise with each other. It's not so much about “who is at fault" in a situation, but more about communication and compromise. <br></p><p>We have a couple of tips for you to check out:</p><ul><li><a href="/Pages/Build-a-Bridge-Not-a-Wall.aspx?Topic=Family">Building A Bridge, Not A Wall</a></li><li><a href="/Pages/tip-dealing-with-parents.aspx?Topic=Family">Dealing With Parents</a></li></ul><p>Communication can be hard for everybody. Whether that is between you and your mom, or your best friend…relationships are complex. Communicating how you feel or think is not always simple. Having strong <a href="/Pages/tip-Communication.aspx?Topic=Family">communication</a> skills will help for almost any situation you'll find yourself in. </p><p>It would be great if you can find the time to check out these articles. After you do, it's normal to have questions, please reach back out and talk with one of our counselors! <br></p><p>Take care-<br></p><p>Corey, Counselor​<br></p></div>16

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