Low ConfidenceFeelingsLow Confidence<div class="ExternalClassEC87A40AF20F47E3BDA6832E749930BF"><p>​How can I better deal with low confidence, low self esteem, and poor body image. Its like when I go to do something in school or even at work, I don't have the confidence i need and my mom has always said that as well and I agree with her as well. Just thinking about how I have low confidence makes me cry because I know that I have it. The poor body image makes me upset too and I start to think that I'm the ugliest person on the planet and thoughts like that make me emotionally drained. How can I deal with this?<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass6EFCC5CC33DF4F9F8EFD1666FB7EC30D"><p>​It's awesome that you are reaching out. It takes a lot of strength and emotional intelligence to look within yourself and tell when something is hurting (like a low self-esteem). You are brave and strong to reach out and ask for help with this.</p><p>It seems that you're having a hard time seeing the good things about yourself right now. You're not alone in that battle. There are so many people who have faced, and overcome, similar issues. Thankfully that means there are a lot of great resources you can rely on to address and deal with your self-esteem issues. <br></p><p>There are a few different aspects involved with improving your self-esteem. The most important of which is deciding to take control of your self-esteem and deciding to <a href="/Pages/Improving-Your-Self-Esteem.aspx?Topic=Self%20Esteem">improve it</a>.<br></p><p>Take a look at the article linked above and you'll see one of the important things it mentions is positive self-talk. Next, take a look at our list of <a href="/Pages/tip-101-positive-things-to-say-to-myself.aspx?Topic=Self%20Esteem">101 Positive Things to Say to Myself</a>. Print this list and select three things to say to yourself every day this week. Next week try three new statements. At first it will feel strange to tell yourself these things but after a while you will be surprised how much it helps. </p><p>These are just a few great steps to get you started. Improving your self-esteem is a journey and it's easy to get overwhelmed looking at the big picture of it all. Taking it just a few steps at time. Know that you aren't alone in this journey.</p><p>We will be here for you.<br></p><p>Corey, Counselor<br></p></div>19

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