My Boyfriend Is Being Really ControllingRelationshipsMy Boyfriend Is Being Really Controlling<div class="ExternalClass687748D31A134C2880D16DD480C26024"><p>​I'm not sure where to begin with this, but I'm feeling like my boyfriend is being really controlling and overly jealous. Whenever I say I've been talking to another boy of similar age he seems really protective and says things like 'is he good looking?' or just asking who he is and if I say he's a friend, he'll act weird whenever i bring them up. This makes conversation really frustrating because i just want to say a simple thing but i can tell he's getting annoyed at the mention of me talking to another boy. I want things to improve but how do I even start?<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass4D6423B4762C453B809240792F4CDC21"><p>​It's great you are reaching out for support and opening up about what's going on in your life. It sounds like you've been going through a lot in your relationship and you are unsure at this point of what you should do. Considering what you've wrote, we can sense your frustration. We would like to be there for you and hopefully create a space for you to reach out whenever you need support.</p><p>Relationships are tough and can get complex. It seems like you have seen some unhealthy signs in your relationship and are concerned about the direction it is heading. This is definitely a time to assess, re-evaluate, and communicate. It seems like you have tried bringing up to your boyfriend about how you feel. That's huge, and you should be proud of yourself.</p><p>When reflecting on your conversation, ask yourself a few questions:</p><ul><li>Was I heard?</li><li>Did it seem like he would be willing to talk about the situation?</li><li>Is there a way we can better this relationship and make it healthy for both of us?"</li></ul><p>These questions may bring up many emotions and thoughts. It seems like you want to better this relationship or try to make things work. Start with looking at our tips <a href="/Pages/tip-healthy-relationships.aspx?Topic=Dating">Healthy Relationships</a> and <a href="/Pages/tip-Communication.aspx?Topic=Dating">Communication</a>. </p><p>Sometimes through good communication, relationships can improve. Other times, despite talking about the concerns, things do not improve and relationships need to be ended. </p><p>During this time of uncertainty, practice good self-care. Surround yourself with support. As you feel better about yourself hopefully it will become more clear how or if you should proceed with this relationship.</p><p>We look forward to hearing back from you.</p><p>Sincerely, </p><p><strong>Nikki, Crisis Counselor</strong></p></div>19

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