How Do I Deal With Toxic People?FamilyHow Do I Deal With Toxic People?<div class="ExternalClass8BD8E2A483774F258CCF6939AF710E34"><p>​How can I manage how toxic people in my life affect me, such as my mother or my grandmother, without cutting them out of my life completely (because I can't)? <br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassA0891F807C06495FBD46AEE7C83E3FC9"><p>​It's great that you are reaching out to find some support to deal with this situation. Difficult relationships can cause all sorts of feelings and it can be hard to manage it all.  </p><p>Because of your age, it would be hard to cut these people out of your life, especially a ​parent, or grandparent. Ultimately, your goal isn't about managing the other person's reactions, rather it is all about managing you. What we mean by that is that is, avoid getting caught up in the other person's emotional whirlwind. Be cautious. Observe your emotions and the other person's emotions. When you see the other persons emotions rise, try as best as you can to neutralize yours, walk away if possible. The same is true about your own emotions. When you see your emotions start to rise, take a break, excuse yourself for a minute to regain your composure. Remember, you can't control the other person but you can control how you react. </p><p>Pay close attention to what you feel and what support you need to get through these difficult times. <a href="/Pages/tip-9-steps-to-taking-care-of-yourself.aspx?Topic=Taking%20Care%20of%20You">Take care of yourself</a>. Your physical health is directly connected with your mental health so make sure you are doing the things that keep you on the right track like eating healthy and getting enough sleep. </p><p>One way that you might be able to improve these relationships in your life might be to try to find some common ground. We have some tips on how to do this: <a href="/Pages/Build-a-Bridge-Not-a-Wall.aspx?Topic=Family">Build A Bridge, Not A Wall</a>. Pay special attention to point #7. Sometimes when you find something that you both agree on this can be a game changer. </p><p>If you have specific issues that you would like to discuss, please let us know.  Our counselors are here to help you work through anything. </p><p>Take care, <br></p><p>Nikki, counselor<br></p></div>15

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