I Failed My Physics TestSchoolI Failed My Physics Test<div class="ExternalClassEA1F7D7CE39F4B778CBCC19659B56F77"><p>​I failed my physics tests and my mom got really mad at me. I was going to have a “Friendsgiving" and sleepover but she basically canceled it. It makes me so upset and I am so mad. <br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass7B5994E11C984218836A0F0C89DE47EE"><p>​So glad you're reaching out to talk about this. It's frustrating when we have plans that we aren't able to follow through on due to consequences. You mentioned that mom was upset that you had failed your physics test and that was the reason for the consequence. It's easy to get upset and mad, you were obviously looking forward to these plans. Have you gotten the chance to talk this through with your mom? You may not want to talk to your mom when you're mad at her but it can help you understand her thoughts as well as help her to understand how you are feeling too. If you feel talking could help, here is a <a href="/Pages/tip-Communication.aspx?Topic=Family">link to our tip on communicating with parents</a> that may be helpful. </p><p>It's possible that mom won't budge on letting you do your “Friendsgiving" like you had planned because she wants you to learn from this experience, and that is something you have to respect even though you don't like it. But she may let you plan a “Friendsgiving" for a later time or you guys may be able to find a compromise. It can sometimes be helpful to show mom what you have learned from this experience and how you will prevent it in the future so that she knows you are growing. Maybe you could ask your teacher if you may redo your test or work on some extra credit work to pull up your grade. This will show your mom that you are trying to find a way to resolve the situation.</p><p>It is your mom's jobs to teach you and help us grow into a successful individual. Communicating with her shows maturity and demonstrates that you are learning and growing. If you feel you could benefit from talking about this more thoroughly, you can always reach out to us through our hotline or text. <br></p><p>Take care, <br></p><p>Samantha – Counselor​<br></p></div>17

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