He Said He Never Wanted To Go Out With MeRelationshipsHe Said He Never Wanted To Go Out With Me<div class="ExternalClass9BBBB962C43A4893A89ED84F2997F78A"><p>​Hi, sorry for bothering you with this problem. I was so upset today because the boy I was going on a first date with texted me saying that he never wanted to go out with me and not to text him back. Today in class he looked at me for a minute. My friends saw this, they said think about something happy and don't cry. So I did my best to be ok, then after class they said his loss and don't waste crying on him. So that's what I'm going to do, try to be happy and not waste my time on being upset anymore. It will be okay soon. I'll tell my parents this soon. Thank you.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassF1B59E45D62748CD9464F6AD933D06C0"><p>​It sounds as though you have the right attitude and supportive friends. However, we also know this is hard for you as it would be for anyone. The anticipation of a first date and the emotions involved set you up to be excited for this. The disappointment and hurt feelings after receiving the text however, now have wiped all the good feelings away.</p><p>Did this boy ask you out through a text message? If so, is there a possibility that his friends played a joke and are the ones who issued the invitation? Sometimes what some think is a funny joke is really a hurtful trick on someone. If this boy did invite you face to face, we too wonder what happened that changed his mind. Maybe his friends teased him to the point where he could not go through with it. We don't actually know and are just guessing possible scenarios.<br></p><p>​Whatever the situation was, we understand your disappointment and hurt feelings. Your friends are right to come alongside you and support you. It sounds like they have been supportive and understanding. Keep busy with your friends and plan some fun time with them this weekend. Lean on your parents and friends for support. Talk about your feelings when they come up but try to turn your focus to other things as well.<br></p><p>Remember, we are here if you need us.</p><p>Pat, Counselor<br></p></div>15

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