Need Some Different Coping MethodsFeelingsNeed Some Different Coping Methods<div class="ExternalClass40F3D0EB83E24BE3805ABD67E1C2AD2F"><p>​I've tried coping with the methods that are on the list on this website. I put band-aids on when I want to cut and I draw or take walks when im feeling suicidal. I had an anxiety attack at school and hid in the bathroom for 30 minutes. How do I tell my friends about this? My parents don't love me and i hate myself. I have depression and anxiety and my whole world is falling around me and i just want to fall with it so the pain will stop.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass50ED556A7DBC4D069DD4B581D68BD14A"><p>​​We're glad you reached out to us tonight. Finding coping skills that work for you can be a challenge, and there are even some days where it feels as though nothing is helping. It sounds like you have been working hard to try to find the right strategies for you. We wish there were one magic coping skill that could work 100% of the time, but usually it does take some trial and error to find the things that can best help you to deal with difficult emotions. We are glad that you started by looking at our list of <a href="/Pages/tip-99-coping-skills.aspx?Topic=Overwhelmed">99 coping skills</a>. It might be time to take the next step and try to come up with some coping skills of your own. Try some of these tips to get you started thinking:</p><p><a href="/Pages/tip-choosing-the-right-coping-skill.aspx?Topic=Coping%20Skills">Choosing The Right Coping Skill</a></p><p><a href="/Pages/tip-What-You-Need-to-Know-About-Coping-Skills.aspx?Topic=Coping%20Skills">What You Need To Know About Coping Skills</a><br></p><p>It sounds like your depression and anxiety have been intense lately. Those feelings can definitely start to worsen if you don't talk to anyone about them. It sounds like you want to tell your friends how you've been feeling but aren't sure how. It can be difficult to open up and be vulnerable, yet it's so important to be able to <a href="/Pages/tip-Your-Circle.aspx?Topic=Depression">get support</a> from people we trust during tough times. What do your parents say or do that makes you feel like they don't love you? <br></p><p>If you don't feel like you can <a href="/Pages/tip-problem-talking-to-your-parents.aspx?Topic=Family">talk to your parents</a> about this, think about what other trusted adults you might be able to talk to, like your <a href="/Pages/Seeing-A-Counselor.aspx?Topic=Depression">school counselor</a>, another relative, teacher, or a family friend. You are important and you deserve help and healing. </p><p>As far as opening up to friends about your depression and anxiety, pick a time and a place where people they won't be distracted with other things, and where you'll be more comfortable sharing what's on your mind. For example, the lunch room might not be a good place if there is a lot of background noise and not much privacy, but maybe you'd feel more comfortable inviting someone over to your house, or outside the school after dismissal. You could write out some things you think you might want to say, or practice in front of a mirror. You certainly don't have to have your words planned out ahead of time, but sometimes a little bit of preparation can help you feel more equipped to have a conversation.<br></p><p>Keep on trying old and new coping skills when you're upset and keep reaching out when you need to talk. Take care and know that we are here for you.<br></p><p>Keep staying strong,<br></p><p>Annie, counselor</p><p><br></p></div>13

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