I'm Really Nervous To See a Social WorkerFeelingsI'm Really Nervous To See a Social Worker<div class="ExternalClass827DCB1B0E4E463FA02AA54EFA9785B2"><p>​Hello. My parents really want me to start seeing a social worker on a weekly basis, but I'm really nervous. I know I'm an anxious kiddo, but I am really nervous about trying to express my feelings. <br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassAFDB729E43B947CC9FE665B66A5A438C"><p>​Your uneasiness is totally normal. When meeting someone new, many people feel uncomfortable sharing their feelings. Because you're going to be getting help from this person to lessen your anxiety or lighten your emotional stress, it's important to be honest and share all of your feelings so their help can be more effective.</p><p>If talking is difficult, you may want to try writing down your feelings as though you were sharing them via email. Then just print them off and give them to the social worker. That is only a suggestion, but it might help you begin the work the two of you are going to do together.<br></p><p>We have a couple of more tips for you to think about: <a href="/Pages/Seeing-A-Counselor.aspx?Topic=Suicidal%20Thoughts">Seeing A Counselor</a>.<br></p><p>Your parents are concerned and want to provide you with help. Seeing a someone is probably a really good idea. We hope that you utilize the help the social worker can give you. We have found that the bigger and stronger your network of support is, the easier it is to get through the challenges you face in your life. The social worker will be one more person in your circle of support.</p><p>You can do this! </p><p>Pat, Counselor</p></div>15

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