I Accidently Hurt My DogFeelingsI Accidently Hurt My Dog<div class="ExternalClass1DD7D1CC0B2648D9A91BECB965CF109C"><p>​<span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">I just want to cry and I hate myself. My parents said accidents happen and don't beat myself up over this. I was asked to let our dog's in and I thought they were both in and one was not and I accidentally hit one of his legs. I grabbed him and hugged him and feel so bad. I started crying and said I'm sorry for doing this. My parents said he will be okay, but I feel like a horrible person, I didn't mean to hurt him. I hate myself. </span><br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass85CB0EA7BCF746FDA4804769CC7B1ADC"><p>​Accidents happen all the time. You didn't intentionally hurt your dog or want to disregard what you were asked to do. It was just an accident. </p><p>It's good that your dog will be okay. Pets are so special. Again, accidents aren't intentional and this was an honest mistake. Next time you will double check and maybe even triple check. But it's okay. You learned from this and now it's time to be kind to yourself.  <br></p><p>Hating yourself or being hard on yourself won't change anything other than making yourself feel worse. What is the point of that? There is no point. It's okay to cry to let those emotions out but allow yourself to move forward and keep telling yourself that it was an accident and it's okay.  <br></p><p>This weekend spend some extra time with your dog and make sure you don't let those negative feelings of yourself to dictate your time.  <br></p><p>We're here for you anytime.  <br></p><p>​Take care, <br></p><p>Naina, counselor<br></p></div>14

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