I Sort Of Harmed MyselfAddictionI Sort Of Harmed Myself<div class="ExternalClassA754102722B142E0A5E1154E0B88BCF9"><p>​I sort of harmed myself. With a razor. I've never done it before, I just did it because I was feeling extremely upset and I didn't know what else to do. I've been having so many suicidal thoughts. I just don't know if I can deal with any of this anymore. I'm not alone but I sure don't feel like I have anyone I trust enough to tell this to that isn't my mom, and I don't want to have to answer the question "Do you feel safe?" to my mom because I don't. I just need to stay alone, and well...when I'm alone I'm not safe so, I'm not sure anymore. <br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassAE9CB6AFA1444E6CBC8E50BBFB6ECD5A"><p>​We're glad you decided to reach out and are being honest about your self-harming with the razor. It's good to talk about this before you pick up a device to harm yourself further in the future. If you ever feel like you are heading in that direction, please call and talk with someone or text us. Someone is always here to talk.<br></p><p>We understand that you don't want to keep talking about your safety. Change your story. Make and use a <a href="/Pages/tip-creating-a-safety-plan.aspx?Topic=Suicidal%20Thoughts">safety plan</a>. Stay safe by making a commitment to yourself to follow your plan. Take suicide and self-harm off the table. When you keep those open as options, they are always going to be in the back of your head and be an option. They need to be wiped away and replaced with the healthiest and best coping skills for you. It will take some practice and some support but you can do it! Start with <a href="/Pages/Self-Injury-Learning-To-Ride-The-Wave.aspx?Topic=Self-Injury">these ideas</a> for coping with your feelings. Add coping skills of your own, use them over and over again.</p><p>Reach out and talk. Let someone support you. Get rid of all objects that you might self-harm with. No need to keep them around as they are reminders and keep the option to self-harm open. Be good to yourself. Write positive statements that help remind you that even though you are currently struggling, you are still human and are capable of being a great person. You matter. Things can get better. You can do this!!<br></p><p>This may not be easy for you but we know you are a strong young lady that wants help. Let that drive you to choose healthy over risky behavior.  <br></p><p>Our counselors are here for you anytime.<br></p><p>Take care, <br></p><p>Naina, counselor<br></p></div>14

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