My Family Has Been Pressuring Me To Lose WeightFamilyMy Family Has Been Pressuring Me To Lose Weight<div class="ExternalClass71CCB78A196549CC9F737D9E122F8842"><p>​I'm currently feeling really depressed and stressed by my family. My parents have been pressuring me to lose weight. I didn't tell them I how feel because they never cared. I have two older siblings and they're not like my siblings instead they are my bullies. When I wear shorts during the hot summer and they bully me calling me a fat pig. I keep telling them to stop but they won't. Eventually I would keep all these feelings inside me and would not tell them anything. I would sometimes tell my friend about it but it doesn't help with anything. Eventually she got annoyed of me ranting to her every time something happened and turned to ignore me. Now I have all the feelings kept inside me and today I broke out. When my mom is talking to me about my weight again I cried and locked myself in my room. I want to tell somebody about my feelings but I realized I have no one. So I decided to send you guys a email seeking for some advices. Thank you for looking through this message that means a lot to me.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass5C0AC25194C14523BAF336B7DCD73307"><p>​It's great that you reached out. Everyone needs someone to confide in, and here at the hotline any of our crisis counselors would be more than happy to talk with you. It is understandable that you feel hurt and depressed. Words can hurt more than a punch most times and then to hear these hurtful words from the people who should be your biggest supporters just adds to the insult. You mentioned that you have not told your parents how you feel, but it might be helpful to get things off of your chest and try to enlist their help.</p><p>No one can change you. You get to decide if there is something you want to change about yourself. How do you feel about your weight? You might be perfectly fine with it, and that is ok. If you are unhappy about it and want to do something about it, think about writing your parents a letter and sharing some examples with them about how they can help. Some ideas might be to NOT mention your weight, to bring you to the grocery store with them to pick out some low calorie snacks you like, to let you find some low calorie recipes online that you want to try, to take a walk with you after dinner. It would be important to also let them know that when your siblings bully you about your weight, it just makes you sad and does not encourage you in any way to do something about it. Tell your parents you need their support in dealing with the older two who are just being mean-hearted.<br></p><p>Keeping things inside can hurt you emotionally and physically. Yes, literally it can lead to stomach aches and headaches because your emotional and physical self are so closely tied together. Stress can affect your sleep, eating habits, and your relationship with friends. Think back to what you are good at and what you like to do. Have you done it lately, if not do so. This is one way to take care of yourself. Here are some additional tips to look over.  <br></p><ul><li><a href="/Pages/tip-not-feeling-support-from-parents.aspx?Topic=Family">Not Feeling Support From Your Parents</a></li><li><a href="/Pages/Improving-Your-Self-Esteem.aspx?Topic=Self%20Esteem">Improving Your Self-Esteem</a></li></ul><p>Reach out again ok? We can help you to get this conversation going and get to feeling better.<br></p><p>​Laura, Crisis Counselor<br></p></div>16

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