I Am So Over This QuarantineCOVID-19I Am So Over This Quarantine<div class="ExternalClassBDE48505D9A84DC89C7C00E0071CCF27"><p>I've felt very... over it recently. This quarantine hasn't helped either. Every little thing has bothered me and at the end of the day, that little voice consumes me. And every day, I have nobody to talk about it with, so I'm here again. </p><p>I feel so broken. Yesterday I was on the verge of "letting go" and today isn't much better. These past few days are only the start of the downward spiral that usually lasts a week and I know I have no control over it. I've cried so much and I just want all of it to stop.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass605E3E0D9222449E8F2E51477785A6E5"><p>The situation with COVID-19 is very challenging for many people.  It's not unreasonable to feel on edge and overwhelmed.  We are so happy you are staying in touch. You mentioned you have no one to talk to, yet remember we are here for you. You are doing the wise thing by reaching out to us. <br></p><p>You have good insight, and the analogy of a downhill spiral is so right on. When you feel overwhelmed your brain can feel stuck. When you get into that negative thought pattern, it can seem to have a life of its' own and feel out of your control. Yet, there are things that you can do to break this pattern and see the positivity in your life again.</p><p>Start with these suggestions to take care of yourself, these steps can help you to get your emotional health back on the right track: <a href="/Pages/tip-emotional-health-checklist.aspx?Topic=Taking%20Care%20of%20You">https://www.yourlifeyourvoice.org/Pages/tip-emotional-health-checklist.aspx?Topic=Taking%20Care%20of%20You</a></p><p>Being active may seem like the heaviest of burdens. Yet, even just some simple activities can help to break the pattern by making your brain focus on something else. Try easy things to start: take a 20 minute walk, do some stretches or deep breathing. This will not make things perfect, yet it will allow for some balance to come into your thinking. </p><p>Take a look at the topics COVID-19 and Coping Skills in Tips/Tools tab at the top of the homepage.  And remember, you can talk to one of our counselors 24/7.<br></p><p> Stay brave, keep reaching out.</p><p> Sincerely,</p><p>Larry – Counselor<br></p></div>17

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