I Don't Want To Be ScaredCOVID-19I Don't Want To Be Scared<div class="ExternalClass6141FAC5CA0A4387AE46A9903137E458">​​I don't want to be scared of the news, people getting sick and die. I was also scared when they took our school away for 3 weeks. I'm also scared because if we have to stay in our homes, my mom will have to still go to work. She has to help people. I'm sorry for bothering you with this problem . I don't know what to do.<br></div><div class="ExternalClass408C99DE015246E088707467DEFAA82E"><p>Thanks for reaching out. You don't have to apologize, and you're definitely not a bother. We're in a new and confusing time, so it's normal to feel stressed.<br></p><p>Sometimes the best thing to do when you feel scared is simply to get your mind off of what's going on. It might sound pointless, but worrying about the changes we're going through can take a big toll on our mental well-being, so giving yourself some relief from that is really beneficial. Ask yourself, what do you enjoy doing? What helps you relieve stress? (If you need some help with that, take a look here: <a href="/Pages/tip-choosing-the-right-coping-skill.aspx?Topic=Coping%20Skills">Choosing the Right Coping Skill</a>) You might find it helpful to close your social media and put your phone away for a few minutes to really get away from the stress. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, commit to at least 15 minutes to get your mind somewhere else.</p><p>One of the most difficult things about a time like this is that there isn't a whole lot that's under your control. You can't control that people get sick, that school closed, or the fact that you have to stay home. But what can you control? You can control your attitude and how you respond to what's going on. You might end up feeling better by taking control of your time. Rather than worrying about recent events and changes, commit specific time everyday to things like hobbies, learning, chores, talking with friends and family. Whenever this stress comes up again, sit down with a journal and write down every thought you have. It might also help to sit down with your mom and talk to her about how you feel about all this. By finding that support, you can better manage these feelings.<br></p><p>Even if you just make one small change per day, like going outside for a walk or spending time journaling, you have what it takes to find peace throughout these challenging times. Don't forget to take time to take care of yourself.<br></p><p>Anytime you'd like to talk more about this or how to cope, you can talk with a counselor here by text or call, so don't hesitate to reach out. We're here for you when you need us.<br></p><p>Take care,<br></p><p>Nate, Counselor<br></p></div>13

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