How Do I Deal with My Anxiety Over COVID-19?COVID-19How Do I Deal with My Anxiety Over COVID-19?<div class="ExternalClass35342A71F25C4EABB914E340E68F51D9"><p>​Hello, Currently I am really struggling with this entire stay-at-home order. I have really bad anxiety about health things, and this virus is scaring me so bad. I'm so afraid of getting it and dying. My mind keeps making up symptoms, and although I am fine, I am constantly double-checking my temp and swallowing to make sure my throat doesn't hurt. I can't see my boyfriend, which is making me so sad. I can't work right now and I'm stressing about money for my next semester classes, if they even happen at this rate. My parents are laid off as well and I know money is getting tight. There is so much talk of death on the TV. I feel like I am living in a nightmare and I am so depressed. I wake up in the morning and then feel like I stare at a wall all day before it's night, and then it's the same thing the next day. I am struggling to remain calm and to remain happy. Today, to make things worse, we had to put our pet bunny down as he was so sick. I just cannot seem to stop crying. I feel like my world is falling apart and none of us know when this will ever be normal again. I have gone through a lot of my periods of feeling hopeless but I feel like this one is the worst.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass3002C88F20274CA788BC92EFD7FFCDA0"><p>We are glad you are reaching out about this. Anxiety and depression can be very difficult to cope with. It sounds like things at home are pretty tense right now with everything going on. We can definitely understand your feelings of living in a nightmare right now. We are also sorry to hear of the loss of your bunny. Pets are such a precious gift.<br></p><p>With your anxiety and symptom checking we have a suggestion that may help you. Dedicate a specific time of day to check your symptoms. Your concern is valid but limiting the time you are thinking about your symptoms is important. When you have the urge to think about checking if you're sick tell yourself it is not time yet. If this is not enough, you can remind yourself:</p><ol style="list-style-type:decimal;"><li>I did not have symptoms the last time I checked</li><li>I have not been exposed to anyone who has the illness</li><li>I am doing what I can to stay healthy</li></ol><p>Right now, things feel like they are turned on their head. It is true we do not know when things will go back to normal. However, we do know that it will end. Every day brings us closer to that day.</p><p>This is an article on YLYV about <a href="/Pages/Coping-with-COVID.aspx?Topic=COVID-19">coping with COVID</a>. Give it a read if you get the chance and call us if you feel you need extra support. </p><p>Keep reaching out when you need to!</p><p>Amanda, Counselor<br></p></div>19

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