How Do I Get Through This Break-Up?RelationshipsHow Do I Get Through This Break-Up?<div class="ExternalClass785EA605779347EBADFEC1C4712EA23C"><p>​I broke up with my girlfriend a couple months ago. I'm here, still feeling depressed. Her and I did so many bad things to each other. A few weeks after our break up, I was going to kill myself because of how hopeless, alone, lied to and betrayed I felt. The police stopped me. Then I was in mental recovery for a small while and now I'm home. I'm home. Still living. She wanted out because she wasn't happy. And I made it worse for the both of us.<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassCB5638F616D642ABBCC28A0A6D4F6526"><p>​Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing a little bit of background here. <a href="/Pages/break-ups.aspx">Breakups</a> can be awfully hard, but we are glad that you had some outside intervention and did not go through with ending your life. That would not be a fix, but just an end. Feelings and emotions are a whole other story though. They can change, but it might be a process of changing your mind set, continuing to get mental health care, and developing a healthy set of <a href="/Pages/coping-skills.aspx">coping skills</a>.<br></p><p>Sometimes when a relationship ends, it is not because of something that one person did or did not do. It could simply be bad timing. It could be that one person is not ready to be in an exclusive relationship and the responsibilities that come along with it. It could be that one person is having his/her own problems and issues that need to be resolved. You mentioned that both of you did bad things to each other and that you made it worse. That could be, but even if being apart if better for both of you, it still hurts.<br></p><p>Keep in routine to the best of your ability. Hang out with your friends and your family. Focus on school work, or your job, or any activities you are involved in. Pick up a hobby/interest that you have always wanted to try. Be sure to eat healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise. Not one person can help you get over her, but a combination of keeping yourself busy, opening up to your loved ones, and coping with this loss in a healthy manner will help you get to that point.<br></p><p>This is the time when you need to ask yourself how you can find some happiness from within. Not one person is going to make you happy. Some of that has to come from you. Busy yourself with a hobby that you have not had time for lately. Call some friends and plan a day out. Exercise will release endorphins from your brain and give you some emotional relief. Happiness will come back if you invite it back. Make a list of what makes you happy. Make it a point to do some of those things this week. Time truly is a big healer, but the healing cannot begin if you do not let go and forgive both her and yourself.<br></p><p>Living is a good thing. Living in a happier and healthier state will be even better. If you ever feel you are in a position in which you can no longer keep yourself safe, please call in ok. Nothing is worth ending your life. You can get through this.<br></p><p>Laura, Crisis Counselor<br></p></div>19

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