I Can’t Help Care for My MomCOVID-19I Can’t Help Care for My Mom<div class="ExternalClass1201BF2A80BD43C9A61FC0824DA751B8"><p>​I am feeling very upset that I can't help care of my mom because I am very sick and I can't be near her. <br></p></div><div class="ExternalClassD95064622AFD45409E6926295553E2A9"><p>​It is understandable that you would feel upset about not being able to help take care of your mom. When we feel we can't do all we want to, it can sometimes help to focus on what we can do. For example, you can always make kind gestures to your mom to remind her that you care about her and love her. This can go a long way when someone is feeling ill. It may be that she also wishes she could do more to help you.</p><p>Doing small things to show you care could include writing a kind note to your mom, reminding her of a good memory or sending her a funny picture. Your kind heart shines through this email because you want to help even though you are struggling yourself. We bet she can see it, too.<br></p><p>We hope you feel better soon,<br></p><p>Amanda, Counselor<br></p></div>18

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