More SuicidalSuicideMore Suicidal<div class="ExternalClass3CF944EDE88443A5B203B7DEAE76E367"><p style="font-family:georgia;font-size:16px;">​<span>I've been feeling more suicidal than usual this past week. I upped my Zoloft about a month ago, but I don't think it is helping; if anything, it's making things worse. I try to bring it up to my mom, but I get the impression that she thinks I'm making it up or overreacting. When I ask her if that's how she really feels, she gets all defensive like "Excuse me, you think I don't care?" I don't know what to do. I don't wanna​ be here, living, any more. I feel like if I call 911 she would get really mad. My anxiety is really bad too, it is hard for me to eat without throwing it up. :( </span></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span></div><div class="ExternalClassF000911E404A4D8FB57C79DBFDF160E9"><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>Thank you for reaching out for help. You are an extremely brave and smart young lady for recognizing that your suicidal thoughts are different than they have been in the past and are worth getting some help with. It is great that you are taking medication to manage your suicidal thoughts, but it is unfortunate that going up on your dosage has not been helpful. You did the right thing by addressing this issue your mom. People who haven’t had a lot of experience with suicidality might not know how to best help those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts; they might be afraid of making the situation worse or just overstepping their boundaries. When dealing with people who don’t have experience with suicidality, it can sometimes be helpful to just say directly what you need them to do rather than ask them questions to imply what you need. If you are direct and specific with what you need, they won’t have to worry about offending you or making the situation worse. </span></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>Calling 911 is always an option in order to keep yourself safe; it is a very safe and important option to keep in mind. Some parents get upset at first when their child calls 911, but many of them realize that calling 911 is what kept their child alive; almost always, the safety of the child is most important. Before you call 911, try to tell your mom exactly why you think you should call. Tell her specifically that you do not feel like you can keep yourself safe from suicide. She may want to talk about other options, and that is Ok. Hear her options out, maybe even try some to see if you can stay safe without going to the hospital. If you still don’t feel like you can stay safe, then you can talk to mom about going to the hospital.</span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>You did an amazing thing by reaching out today. Please continue reaching out in order to get the support and help that you need and deserve right now. Our hotline, chat and text services are available for you to use to talk about anything that is going on in your life (including your suicidal thoughts and not feeling safe). Please take care of yourself.</span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;">PC - Counselor</span><br></p> </div>15

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