Can't Find A Good Reason To Be AliveSuicideCan't Find A Good Reason To Be Alive<div class="ExternalClass355CA6EEBD1548689008DF92DFA2A7A2"><p style="font-family:georgia;font-size:16px;">​<span>I want to die. There are so many ways I like to think about killing myself. I just can't shake this persistent feeling of emptiness. I'm not sure what to do. My family can't afford therapy and my friends find it annoying whenever anyone complains about feeling depressed. I frankly can't find any good reason to be alive. It just gets so overwhelming and I can't think straight or breathe. I've noticed that recently without meaning I have just been zoning out while staring at a wall for over an hour at a time because I just can't seem to feel anything. It's like nothing is real. I can't bring myself to do my work, I can't find motivation to hang out or talk to my friends, I'm either overeating all the time or not eating. I think I'd rather just die.  </span></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span></div><div class="ExternalClass460D2980F2F64C67888B0493E6743245"><div><div class="ExternalClass355CA6EEBD1548689008DF92DFA2A7A2"><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>Thank you for reaching out to Your Life Your Voice. It really sounds like you are going through a difficult time and that your thoughts are causing your life to spiral out of control. You made the right choice to reach out for help and it’s a good step you were able to admit that.  It shows strength in even what may feel like one of your darkest moments. </span></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>We are very concerned for you as you mentioned you are having thoughts of suicide. Please know suicide is not the answer for any problem. Life can present us many challenges and right now you are struggling. Suicide might seem like the only option you have to get away from the pain you are feeling, but in reality, it doesn’t make things any better. It is permanent, so it takes away the option for you to have the opportunity to feel better and live your life to the fullest.</span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>If you feel that you are not able to keep yourself safe, reach out for support immediately. This can be by calling 911 or calling us here at the hotline. We are here to support you and talk to you about what is going on and what is causing you to feel this way.  There is help available and you are not alone. Using healthy coping skills can you help get through difficult times. It can take time to find the best the options to heal and cope, but suicide should not be one of those options. For today, let’s make a plan and a promise and a goal to keep you safe. Finding a different outlet to help you work through your feelings in a healthy way would be a wise choice.</span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>Therapy can be expensive and that is a concern.  However, there are agencies that offer low-cost or even free counseling, depending on the person’s ability to pay.  You can also talk to your school counselor to see if there any counseling options available at school. </span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>We want you to know that we are here for you.  </span><span>Please take care and let us know how you are doing. </span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;">Nancy, counselor</span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span></div></div> </div>15

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