Trying To Get Over HerRelationshipsTrying To Get Over Her<div class="ExternalClass8E3D467D54A84DCABF8B6D1B2152FAF1"><p style="font-family:georgia;font-size:16px;">​<span>Thank you for the help and support. There is a girl I'm trying to get over, I'm not sure whether or not she's reciprocated my feelings toward her, but my friends all say to find someone else. I've tried. They said it again. And I tried again. But in the long run all the end result ends up being is me hurting, while still not finding someone else. And frankly, I don't really care whether or not she has feelings for me anymore. I just want the pain to stop. That's all. </span></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span></div><div class="ExternalClass7795124CDF69472CB1DF22826A35D948"><div><div class="ExternalClass8E3D467D54A84DCABF8B6D1B2152FAF1"><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>What you are feeling is normal for an individual that has feelings for someone and it is uncertain whether she reciprocated those feelings.  It is normal to go through a grieving process; it is like a death in that regard.  You have to allow yourself time to mourn the loss.  </span></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>Your friends are trying to be helpful by telling you to move on and find someone else; however, you may not be ready.  You are still hurting, and your pain may be too new to look for someone else.  Sometimes the best course of action is to just take care of yourself.  Give yourself time to heal, do nice things for yourself, and surround yourself with positive and supportive people. </span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>Instead, to help you deal with this issue and other issues, we encourage you to use come up with alternative activities that you find enjoyable.  Some suggestions you might want to try for are to exercise, read, journal, listen to music, or watch a movie.  Do things that you enjoy and that help distract your thoughts from what you are going through.  Try not to isolate yourself because it just contributes to your negative feelings. </span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>If you go to school with her and it is painful to see her at school leave the area, if possible.  If you can't leave then talk to someone else or engage in an activity so that you won't have to focus on what she is doing and who she is talking to.  It will get easier as you heal, but initially the best course of action would be to keep interactions to a minimum.  </span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal" style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"><span>Unfortunately, you can't go around the pain; you have to work through it.  However, on the other side of the pain there are unlimited possibilities.  You will love again and will find someone who is worthy of your love.  Please take care; we are here for you whenever you need us.</span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;"> </span><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:tahoma;font-size:16px;">Nancy, counselor</span><br></p> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span> <span style="font-size:16px;"> </span></div></div> </div>17

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