Tired Of My Father Yelling At MeFamilyTired Of My Father Yelling At Me<div class="ExternalClass562999DB699B4A30AF927CF8A99451DF"><p>​<span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">I'm tired... tired of my father yelling at me. Tired of my parents calling me a liar when I tell the truth. Tired of being afraid that I will be hit every time they raise their hand. Tired of being called retarded, toddler, stupid. Tired of the realization that the "peace offerings" are nothing more than bribes to keep me quiet. Tired of the threats about kicking me out of the house. There are only 3 things keeping me there. My cat (who technically is owned by my mother), My little brother, college.  </span><br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass5181B6EA79604143A01E5494B835F64C"><p> <span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">We are so glad that you reached out for support because it sounds like you are going through a lot right now.  It can be really difficult to have a tense relationship with your family.  It is also hurtful when they are calling you names and not being sincere when trying to apologize.  The constant threats of being kicked out must be exhausting and taxing emotionally, especially when you know there are things at home that you care about.  We are happy to hear that there are some positives that are in your home environment.  Try to focus on those when you are having frustrating times.</span></p><p> <span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">The relationship with your parents sounds like it has been very difficult to deal with.  It is important to try and communicate how you are feeling so that they know how their actions are effecting you.  If it makes you feel uncomfortable to tell them in person, you could write them a letter.  Writing the letter can help you organize and process your thoughts about what they have said and done to you.  Being able to give them the letter to read can also ensure that they will not be able to interrupt you while trying to talk about how you feel.  Below are a few links that may help with your parents:</span></p><p> <a href="/Pages/tip-dealing-with-parents.aspx"><span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">http://www.yourlifeyourvoice.org/v2/Pages/tip-dealing-with-parents.aspx</span></a></p><p> <a href="/Pages/tip-how-to-talk-to-parents.aspx"><span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">http://www.yourlifeyourvoice.org/v2/Pages/tip-how-to-talk-to-parents.aspx</span></a></p><p> <a href="/Pages/tip-letter-to-your-parents.aspx"><span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">http://www.yourlifeyourvoice.org/v2/Pages/tip-letter-to-your-parents.aspx</span></a></p><p> <span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">It can also be hard to keep a positive self-image when your family is calling you names and making threats.  Here are some links that will help you stay positive in these hard times:</span></p><p> <a href="/Pages/tip-101-positive-things-to-say-to-myself.aspx"><span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">http://www.yourlifeyourvoice.org/v2/Pages/tip-101-positive-things-to-say-to-myself.aspx</span></a></p><p> <a href="/Pages/tip-10-ways-to-see-happiness.aspx"><span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">http://www.yourlifeyourvoice.org/v2/Pages/tip-10-ways-to-see-happiness.aspx</span></a></p><p> <a href="/Pages/tip-99-coping-skills.aspx"><span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">http://www.yourlifeyourvoice.org/v2/Pages/tip-99-coping-skills.aspx</span></a></p><p> <span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">College is a great reason to keep going.  As you get further and further in your studies you will be able to see how you will be able to fully establish your independence.  In the meantime although you may not be able to afford getting your own place, you may be able to live independantly with a couple of roommates.  If you think this might be a possibility for you, start talking to perspective roommates and inquire about housing associated with your college. </span></p><p> <span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3"><span style="font-size:13pt;background-color:transparent;">Th</span><span style="font-size:13pt;background-color:transparent;">ank you so much for taking this step for yourself. We are here for you, and we hope you reach out for more support!</span><br></span></p><p> <span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">Sincerely,</span></p><p> <span class="ms-rteFontFace-1 ms-rteFontSize-3">Jessica, Counselor</span><br></p></div>19

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