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Growth Mindset

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​​​Some days are stressful. Situations can seem complicated. At times, things don't go the way that you had hoped they would. There are bumps in the road, often when you least expect it.

What are your choices when you find yourself in these types of situations? 

Complain and ​wallow. This choice feels comforting and easy. It can attract attention from those around you. And when everything is going wrong, any attention or sympathy seems better than no attention at all. Be careful. This choice can become a bad habit, leading you to dwell on your problems by ruminating and repeating how you are feeling over and over again. Ruminating can cause negative feelings to increase and may prevent you from moving forward.


Do some self-reflection. Taking time to be aware of your thoughts helps you to absorb what happened and process how you feel about the situation. When dealing with a challenging situation, give yourself thinking time; find a safe space where you can journal and practice deep breathing. Ask yourself, is there something that I have learned in the past that could help me with this problem?

Tell your story. Open up to a trusted adult about what is bothering you. Express the emotions you are feeling. When you use your voice to tell others about what is stressing you out, it loses its power over you; you are able to get help and sort out what to do next. If you need a trusted person in your life, remember, we are always here for you. Call 800-448-3000.

Set goals to change the situation. Reframe your thoughts with a growth mindset. The growth mindset is one that recognizes the power of “yet" by understanding that many issues are temporary and can be improved. Yet. Is a word that lets you know that anything is possible. I have not been able to solve that problem “yet", but here are the things that I am going to try. A growth mindset allows you to move forward; seeing the options you have in your situation and making a plan for safety and well-being.

Seeing life through a growth mindset:

  • Things haven't worked out the way I want. Yet.
  • This experience will help me learn and grow for future success.
  • Painful situations show me who and what is important in my life.
  • I am learning to make tho​ughtful, healthy decisions no matter how difficult the situation seems.
  • I don't have all the answers. When I don't know what to do, I can ask for help.

​Empower yourself to work through your problems. Accept the fact that you will make some mistakes along the way. Learn from your mistakes. Continue to grow your mind, body, and spirit!

"Look for the good in every situation, seek the valuable life lesson in every setback, look for the solution to every problem. Think and talk continually about your goals. When you start learning from events that happen around you, you start growing in life."

-Brian Tracy

Remember that you don't have to have all the answers. Living is learning. And when you learn, you grow.


You don't have to face your problems alone!

Counselors are standing by.

Ways to Get Help