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I Need Self-Control Improvement1500I Need Self-Control ImprovementFeelings
My Anxiety Makes Me Clingy1501My Anxiety Makes Me ClingyFeelings
Having Trouble Opening Up To My Parents1499Having Trouble Opening Up To My ParentsFamily
Overwhelmed By My Family's Past1497Overwhelmed By My Family's PastFamily
Met A Guy While In Treatment1496Met A Guy While In TreatmentRelationships
I Want This To End1498I Want This To EndSuicide
Am I Gaslighting?1495Am I Gaslighting?Relationships
I Fought With My Parents1491I Fought With My ParentsFamily
How Do I Get Over Someone I Like?1490How Do I Get Over Someone I Like?Relationships
My Relationship With My Parents1492My Relationship With My ParentsFamily
I Think I Have Depression1493I Think I Have DepressionFeelings
Lost Without Dance1494Lost Without DanceFeelings
My Family Calls Me Names1489My Family Calls Me NamesFamily
My Mom Is A Police Officer1488My Mom Is A Police OfficerFamily
How Do I Tell My Dad That I Want My Life To End?1485How Do I Tell My Dad That I Want My Life To End?Suicide
He Wants To Be Friends1486He Wants To Be FriendsRelationships
I Feel Lost1487I Feel LostFeelings
Anxious About My New Job1482Anxious About My New JobFeelings
I Have Been Missing My Dad1483I Have Been Missing My DadFeelings
I Lose My Temper In Seconds1484I Lose My Temper In SecondsFeelings
Losing A Loved One1480Losing A Loved OneFeelings
Disappointed In The End Of The School Year1479Disappointed In The End Of The School YearSchool
I Don't Have A Lot Of Friends1476I Don't Have A Lot Of FriendsRelationships
Messed Up My Grade1478Messed Up My GradeSchool