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Tips to Help With Tough Situations

A bully at school. That rough break up. Thinking about suicide.
Life can give you challenges. We have some tips and tools to help you deal.



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Worried About a Friend About a Friend/PublishingImages/tips/Worried-About-A-Friend.jpg

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Top Teen Questions

Last year, the Boys Town National Hotline received more than 129,000 calls and 29,000 web contacts (emails, chats and texts).

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<div class="ExternalClass0994E5EA77D54351BAE7A4FBBFC734DE">It helped me a lot and talking to someone took away a lot of the stress.</div>
<div class="ExternalClass96A0FF7AA4394186960E2DB12FF0B8FA">It helped just getting support.</div>
<div class="ExternalClassCD5088E5B98F4281AD0216292BB22E8D">It was nice. It meant a lot to me.</div>
<div class="ExternalClass325C76197D3840A7851204595A28E2CD">Very caring</div>

Your Life Q&A



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