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How are you feeling?

This mood journal offers a simple solution for tracking your thoughts, feelings and moods in this interactive tool you can keep right on your phone!

Choose from a variety of animated emoticons to help identify your mood. Add details to your entry by writing, recording your voice, or attaching a photo about what's going on. Whatever mood, feeling or experience you're going through, this is a great way to help you track your changing moods and behavioral triggers by journaling within the app. You can review a report of your tracked moods over a period of time, and you can also get life tips on ways to help turn your mood around ​when you're feeling down or stressed out!


  • animated emoticons make for a fun and easy-to-use interface
  • add details like photos, voice recordings, and text
  • improved tracking to help identify potential triggers
  • confidential and safe
  • list of emotions and activities to choose from
  • get life tips for dealing with stressful situations by simply shaking your mobile phone
  • set a daily reminder to track your mood
  • built in access to free professional counseling via phone, email, chat or text
  • ability to review past entries

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