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Your Style

​​​Sometimes it is difficult to see yourself in a positive way.  You might even catch a ​glimpse of yourself in the mirror and groan.  Maybe you look through magazines and find yourself wishing "if only…"  These feelings can bog you down every day if you let them, especially during the school year.  Remember that not many of us will ever look like models, but we can own our style and find the confidence to be ourselves.

  1. Give Up Negative Self-Talk  You may try to be a positive force to those around you, but if you are not practicing it on yourself it defeats the purpose.  Make a promise to yourself that you will say at least one kind thing to yourself every time you look in the mirror.  If you need ideas, check out our list (101 Positive).
  2. Respect Your Looks  Even if you try and stay positive, it is easy to dwell on that one self-criticism that is intrusive and harmful.  A great first step is to take action on what you perceive to be your biggest flaw.  What can you do to turn that negative in a positive?  Can you make changes with a few easy steps, or is it something that will take time?  Maybe you want to exercise for a more toned look.  Maybe you dress in a way that emphasizes your favorite features.  At the end of the day you have to remind yourself that you are your own uniquely beautiful self.
  3. Send a Positive Message  We often feel the need to prove ourselves to others.  At the end of the day, does your appearance portray want you want others to see?  Do you feel good about how you look and what you are wearing?  Do you walk with confidence?  If you are going to a job interview, does your appearance demonstrate that you can be trusted and be a great employee?  If you are going out with friends, are you dressing in a way that fits in with the group, while still being unique?
  4. Own Your Style  With styles rapidly changing it can be hard to keep up.  It is easy to feel pressured to dress a certain way or to wear specific things.  This can put a damper on what you feel comfortable wearing.  It's ok to ask for input from someone you trust, but in the end you shouldn't focus all your efforts on trying to impress others.  Own your style and dress in a way that makes you both look and feel good about yourself!

Real style is never right or wrong, it's a matter of being yourself on purpose.

G. Bruce Boyer


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