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Summer Break

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for since the first day of school.  Finally………summer ​vacation is here.  No more getting up at 5am for band practice, or one of your two daily swim practices! Summer equals more time with friends, and sleeping in every morning…….right?  For some of you, summer means an excuse to engage in complete laziness.  For others, it means a chance to hang out with friends more often but also an opportunity to work a few more hours and make some extra money. 

 While it’s good to take a break from the everyday busyness of school, sports, and other activities during the school year, it’s important not to completely turn off your mind and body during summer.  It’s great to take the first week or so after school gets out to completely relax and get some rest.  You need a break.  However, what you choose to do after that first week tells a lot about your character.  This doesn’t mean you have to take on a 40 hour a week job, but don’t completely change your lifestyle.  A few tips to help you stay healthy and happy during summer vacation. 

  • Try to go to bed around the same time each night.  With permission, make it the later, but try to keep it consistent every night.  
  • Eat healthy.  Just because it’s summer, that doesn’t mean you should pig out a new flavor of Doritos each day.  Remember to eat full meals, not just snacks all day.
  • Get up and get out!!  Summer is the perfect time to go outside and get active.  Go swimming, take a bike ride, or take the dog for a walk.  Remember how much you wished you could do that when there was 6 inches of snow on the ground?  Now you can!
  • Remember to drink lots of water.  It’s easy to forget, but in the summer we usually do more things outside like hang out at the pool, where it’s easier to get dehydrated.

Above all keep safe and have fun!



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