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What's important to you?  It sounds like a simple question right?  Typical answers include friends, family, and school.  Before you answer so fast, think about what's really important to you.  Friends, family, and school may be the "correct" answers, but when you take time to examine what's really important in your life, you may realize that you don't spend that much time on the things that you should. 

Remember the old saying "Actions speak louder than words?"  Well, in many cases it's true.  You might tell your family that they are the most important thing to you, but how much time do you actually spend talking to them, asking them what's new in their life? 

A better question than what's important to you, is, what takes priority in your life?  If you play sports maybe your life revolves around practices and games.  Maybe you put music above all else.  That could mean you spend hours playing the guitar, or you barricade yourself in your room for hours each night listening to your favorite music.  Or, you might be so obsessed with the latest gossip that you are on your cell phone the minute school ends all the way until bedtime. 

After you examine what you're putting first in your life, next it's time to ask yourself if that's the way it should be?  Is your music more important than your family? 

If you disappeared tomorrow how would people remember you?  Would you be remembered as someone that was kind, caring, spent time with their​ friends and family, and cared about doing your best?  Take a few extra minutes today to spend time with someone that you care about.  Show them that they are a priority in your life. 

Make sure you have your priorities straight. Through your actions you are telling the world what's important to you.  


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