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88 Journal Topics

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When it comes to journaling, don't over think it. Start from where you are, and put on paper whatever comes into your mind. Be honest. Record what you think and feel, not what you believe you ought to think and feel. Trust your flow, no matter what comes ​out.

A journal has nothing to do with good writing, grammar, or spelling, and everything to do with self-exploration. The journal is simply a tool. Whether you use words or artwork, avoid being perfect, rewriting, erasing, editing, or being critical of what you write.  Just be yourself!

Pick a topic and write as much or little as you want that day.  Check the statements you like the most and click the "Make My List" button below to create a custom printable list with your ​favorites. ​Ready, set, ​go!

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