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10 Ways To See Happiness

Happiness is something that needs to be experienced, not something that needs to be created.  Everyone is able to feel it and everyone has the ability to find it in themselves. There are tons of prescriptions for making yourself happy, but there are billions of people in the world.  There’s no saying what is going to make YOU happy.  This makes life more difficult, but it also makes our lives so much more important and so much more meaningful.  Happiness is ours, it can’t be given to us and it can’t be taken from us.  It’s more important than that.

This is a list of basic things that might be helpful as you look for your own happiness.  These things aren’t going to give you happiness, but maybe they’ll help you see it more clearly.

  1. Know where you’ve been and have an idea where you’re going.
  2. Understand how important your family is and be willing to work on it.
  3. Even the best people have bad things happen to them. Be realistic about this and surround yourself with support for when those times happen.
  4. If you want kindness from someone else, be willing to give it to them first.
  5. Be responsible, because this is your life; no one else is going to do it for you.
  6. Be healthy and do things for your body, your brain, and your spirit that make you healthier.
  7. Appreciate that there are things you can control and things you can’t.  Focus on what you can control so you don’t lose it.
  8. Try to be honest.  Lies lead to more and more lies.  Sooner or later you don’t know who you are anymore.
  9. Remember that you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.
  10. Life isn’t perfect; you’re going to make mistakes.  Learn from your mistakes

You’ll learn a lot of important lessons in life and you’re going to find ways to experience happiness more ​powerfully on your own terms, but these are an excellent start for almost anyone.

Every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again.



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