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Emotional Timeline

worried teen

"Where am I emotionally?"

Being in touch with your emotional timeline can help you understand how your feelings impact you; and offers an insight on what to do to help yourself feel better.

  • Do you dwell on things that happened ​in the past?
    • Dwelling on the past can cause you to hold on to negative feelings like bitterness, anger, helplessness, and sadness.
    • Instead focus yourself forward – make plans, set goals.
  • Are you overly anxious, nervous or stressed about the future?
    • Worrying about the future doesn't change or fix anything.
    • Look at the situation realistically, break tasks into small steps, and make checklists.
  • Are you too focused on the moment; do you lack focus or motivation?
    • Looking forward gives you a sense of purpose and a reason to get up in the morning.
    • Have a schedule, set goals, and make plans.

Emotional Timeline 

Think about the last time you experienced strong emotions.  Were you focusing on something that happened in the past, or in the future?

On a typical day, are you sitting where you want to be on the emotional timeline?  Are you where you should be?

Can you think of a time when a relationship was impacted (negatively or positively) by where you were on your timeline?

What needs to happen for you to move in a direction that is better for you?  Has something helped you in the past?


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