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TIP: Preparing for an Interview


So you are thinking about getting a job. Good for you! A job is a great way to learn valuable life skills and earn some extra money.

Things to do before you apply for a job:

  • Be honest about your availability. Look for jobs that will work with your schedule. If you have sports practice every night and games every weekend, it may not be the best time to apply, however at the end of the season or during the summer might be the perfect time to find a job.
  • Know your transportation options. Do you need to rely on the bus? Get a copy of the bus schedule; apply for jobs that would work within the hours of the bus. If you are sharing a car with your sister, look for a job near where your sister works to make carpooling easier.
  • Research the company/business where you are thinking about applying. Become familiar with the hours that they are open and the products that they sell. Check out their social media pages; find out what they are talking about. Know where they are located so you do not get lost on your way to the interview. When you get that interview, you want to make a great first impression. Arrive about 15 minutes early and be interested in their business.
  • Practice your interviewing skills. Ask your mom or your brother to role play with you. Ask them to pose as the employer while you practice answering questions about yourself and your job history. Practice selling the idea of hiring you. Explain why you would be a great fit for this position and what skills and personality traits you hope to bring to the company if hired. Be friendly and confident. Put a smile on your face and be sure to maintain eye contact.
  • Future employers will ask you about your employment history so be prepared for this. Keep your answers honest and positive. If you do not yet have a job history, talk about your volunteer work, school activities that you are involved in, or the side jobs that you have done for friends and neighbors.
  • Prepare your resume and references. Your references should be clear. They should include the dates that you have known or worked for that person and how to contact them. If you do not have a previous employer, give names and numbers of coaches, teachers, mentors, neighbors, or youth pastors as personal references.
  • Decide ahead of time what you are going to wear. Find out what the dress code is at the company where you are planning to interview. Be sure that you are dressed for the job that you wish to have. When you are preparing your clothes, make sure they are in good repair, clean and fit properly. Keep in mind that it is not appropriate to wear clothing to an interview that is too tight or revealing. On the day of the interview, take a shower and make sure to have good hygiene. Tattoos, jewelry, makeup and your hair style should be discreet. Dress for success. This is the time for your personality to shine through; you do not want the employer to be distracted by something that you are wearing.

Now you are already to go out and get that job! You can do it!

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