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Daily Planning

daily planning

Are you looking for a way to organize your day and improve your mood at the same time? Take these simple steps to see your day go smoothly and feel your spirits lifted.

  • Write down your tasks for the day. Circle, number or draw special attention to the tasks that are highest priority. If it is a school day for you, write down your assignments and upcoming tests.
  • Find one important thing that you can do for yourself. When you take good care of yourself, you feel better and are able to focus on your day. What is one thing that you want to prioritize today? Eating right? Exercising? Going to bed earlier?
  • Ask yourself, what is something that you can do for someone else today? Play with a sibling? Be nice to someone at school who is always picked on? Give someone a compliment? Help out around the house?
  • Take a moment each day to reflect and find one thing that you are grateful for.

Focus on your priorities rather than just letting your day happen to you. This will help you to set and achieve goals. When you feel productive you can begin to overcome normal insecurities and worries. You are learning to take control back for yourself and choosing not to focus on the things that can't be controlled. This new take on your day will help you to focus on more than just getting through your day. When you take good care of yourself, help others and find gratitude you can thrive.

Check out our Daily Planners if you don't have a planner of your own.

Daily Planner Worksheet 1 | Daily Planner Worksheet 2


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