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It's that Time of Year

TIP: Your Summer Style

It’s that time of year again, time to pull out the sandals, and sunscreen becomes a necessity. Time to start preparing for festivals, summer vacays, and endless memories with your friends. Even though this is a time for adventure and being worry free, remember the morals and standards you set for yourself. When it comes to your summer style, here are a few things to think about during those sunny summer days.

Whether you unconsciously grab something to wear, or you leave a hurricane trail of clothes behind while trying to find the right outfit, wearing the right clothes can be a challenge. Shorts are the epitome of summer. They can either be short or long depending on what you like. In the summer heat, it can be tempting to show more skin than you would normally. To choose right length for your body type, one suggestion is to put your arms straight down by your hips. Wherever your pointer finger lies might just be the best option for you.

Shorts aren’t the only clothing challenge that you might face in the summer. When it comes to T-shirts, tanks, and everything in between, being comfortable may be more important than wearing something just because it’s in style. Check how something fits by looking in the mirror from all sides, then bend over just a bit both forward and backwards. Thinking about what you will actually be doing that day can also help with deciding what to wear. Having fun with friends, family, or even while babysitting, should be the focus rather than worrying about what you’re wearing.

You will feel better and look better when you take care of yourself this summer including healthy eating and consistent sleep. With the warm heat and running around for hours on end, remember one other really important thing: summer hygiene. Even though the normal daily routine changes in the summer, be sure to shower daily, wear clean clothes, and wash your bedding regularly.

Deciding what style is right for your body type and personality, and taking care of yourself, will help you feel more confident and comfortable so you can enjoy your summer!

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