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Making Resolutions

How many people make New Year’s Resolutions each year to lose weight, exercise more, or save money?  How many of these same people do a great job the first week or two of the year and then give up by the middle of January?

Making resolutions or goals is a great step in making changes in your life.  Breaking these goals into manageable steps helps you to focus on what needs to be done, and then achieve results you want.

For example, if your resolution/goal is to lose 10 pounds, your first step might be to cut that sugary drink out of your daily routine for a month.  Your next step might include eating more vegetables or exercising 3 times a week.

Don’t give up after a week of working on your goals either!  Studies say that you should devote 15 minutes a day to form a habit, and do it faithfully for 21 days. By the fourth week, it should actually be harder not to engage in the new behavior than it would be to continue doing it.

Some people also set goals for themselves each day:

  1. What do I want/need to accomplish today?
  2. What can I do for myself today (eat right, exercise, get to bed earlier)?
  3. What can I do for someone else today (be nice to someone who is always picked on, give compliments, help out around the house)?

What can you do to make improvements in ​your life? Goals or resolutions don’t need to just be made on New Years Day.  Pick a day to start, set some reasonable action steps to help you achieve your goals, and don’t give up until you have turned it into a habit!


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