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Journal about your moods anytime to reduce stress, clarify thought, and solve problems.

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Facts and Information

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Check out our tips that can help you deal with situations and times that can be challenging. Topics covered range from friendships and bullying, to talking to parents and managing stress.
Journal Pages
Download journal pages and work sheets to help you work through your problems and create useable solutions to your problems.
Suicide Prevention
Find links and data on suicide prevention.
Boys Town Hotline Stats
Find the latest statistics and data on who and how many people the Boys Town National Hotline is helping.
Suicide Prevention is an anonymous and supportive space where you can find the information you need about mental health issues without fear of being judged or being different. It can help you recognize your strengths and use those strengths to overcome difficulties and/or seek help additional help if necessary.

Let your school or church group know about the Boys Town National Hotline and
Click here for free materials.
Suicide Prevention
Check out our list of famous quotes for inspiration!

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