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How to Avoid a Stressful Lifestyle

How to Avoid a Stressful Lifestyle

Figure out what stresses you out--what things do you dread and make your stomach

Stay out of pointless drama! There's always that one friend who loves to stir the pot. They misinterpret casual greetings in the as professions of love, and get in the middle of everybody’s business. Whenever you’re exposed to this kind of drama, try your best to just steer clear of it—keep your conversations brief and pleasant and then move on.

Eat Right. Some people can eat hot sauce like it was banana pudding & others will break into hives when their next-door neighbor makes peanut butter cookies. Avoid foods that make you feel bad & eat balanced meals. Don't eat candy bars for breakfast, don’t skip meals, and drink some good ol’ water. Try eating well for a few days and see how much better you feel!

Sleep right. That movie you want to see at one o’clock in the morning will come on again. Go to bed! Lack of sleep can actually make you feel like you have ADHD, which means you won’t be able to focus well. It also makes you cranky, slow, and go to bed!

Manage your time better. When it takes 45minutes to sculpt your hair every morning, then remember that when you set your alarm the night before. Give yourself time to get ready without rushing around and being late. That way, you can casually stroll out of the house when it’s time to leave instead of racing out ten minutes late, getting a speeding ticket and forgetting half your stuff.

Learn to be assertive. You want to make others happy & want to look good in front of others. Sometimes you have a hard time saying “No.” It’s not rude if you’re already stressing out about upcoming commitments & you don’t have much time on your hands. At first it might be hard, but it gets easier with time—especially when you start to feel the weight lift off your shoulders.

Accept the things you cannot change. So you’re really looking forward to an outdoor activity this weekend, but the weather forecast keeps changing every time you look at it. If you keep checking the forecast over and over, you’ll find yourself on pins and needles! You can’t change the weather, but you can hope for the best—and have a back-up plan just in case!

Take control of the way you look at things. Is the glass half-empty or half-full? When things get bad, look at the bright side or view it as an opportunity—it will give you the courage & hope to keep moving forward.

A final tip for avoiding a stressful life….Avoid using substances to reduce stress. When people are stressed out and desperate, they will sometimes turn to foolish sources of relief. Self medicating by using drugs or drinking won’t help get rid of your problems---it only creates new ones.

So There You Have It…

1. Too much stress is bad for you.
2. Check to see if you have symptoms of stress.
3. Do something to alleviate the stress.
4. Start taking measures to prevent it from building up.

If you can get a handle on your stress at a young age, you’ll be unstoppable by the time you get to college or into the workforce. Start learning to manage stress now!